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The latest article can be found at : Shock of the new and then a classic old theatre 6th May 2017

…..There was an excited buzz in the shop from the group of young men chatting about the nuances of the the various hop flavours on offer…..

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The Spanish call it ‘el tapeo’ 6th February 2017

…..Many’s the time I’ve gone into a lovely pub and had to scan the bar looking for something I know, or something of a similar style to what I prefer, only to have to compromise to avoid a range of either too strong or too weird offerings. …..

Pompey….or is it Southsea? 2nd February 2017

…..What is particularly good about the area, especially if I compare it to home in Sheffield, is the survival of many (but not all) of the small street corner locals. The ones that I came across seemed to be thriving with people popping out for a quick one, two, or maybe more……

The coming of Micro-Pubs 8th January 2017

…..Sheffield was a little slow on the uptake; micro-pubs had already started popping up in other towns and cities around the country from late 2005…..